JUST SAW THE TRAILER FOR THIS NEW MOVIE about Florence Foster Jenkins. It looks good, and I hope people know more about this great story.


Here’s more info about Florence Foster Jenkins and a sound clip:




The first finding was that choral singers and team sports players “reported significantly higher levels of well-being than solo singers.” While this difference was found on only one of the three measures of well-being, it does suggest that activities “pursued as part of a group” are associated with greater self-reported well-being.

Second, they found choral singers appear to “experience a greater sense of being part of a meaningful, or ‘real’ group, than team sports players.” This perception, which is known as “entitativity,” significantly predicted participants’ scores on all three measures of well-being.

The researchers suspect this feeling arises naturally from choral singers’ “non-conscious mimicry of others’ actions.” This form of physical synchrony “has been shown to lead to self-other merging,” they noted, “which may encourage choral singers to adopt a ‘we perspective’ rather than an egocentric perspective.”

You’ve gotta sing in choir — it’s science.


DAVID SOLWAY ON The Mystery Of Melody. “All this discussion notwithstanding, I still can’t say what melody is. I do know that melody is something that can be hummed, and that I can’t hum plainchant or rap or Ravi Shankar. Hummability is the basic litmus test of melody. Melody is also something that is deeply satisfying, affording us an inexplicable pleasure that is not somatic. It is sensuous but not sensual, appealing to a dimension of our being that oscillates between the emotional and the spiritual, which is why it can affect our mood in profound ways and compel us to echo, duplicate, replay, rehearse, and listen to it over and over again.

Great writing here.


A Settlement In The Case Of Happy Birthday.

In a Feb. 8 court filing, Warner has agreed to set up a fund that will pay out claims totaling up to $14 million.

Of that amount, a maximum of $6.25 million is earmarked for claimants who paid to use the birthday song after mid-June 2009. The remainder of the money will be used to cover claims going back all the way to 1949. Claimants in either group should expect to only recoup a fraction of what they paid to Warner and the various other publishers of the song over the years.

Background here, here, and here.


TIM SHARP on the State of ACDA. “I now enter what I consider my third phase as ACDA’s Executive Director, looking to the next four years and the work that lies ahead for us. In this extended blog (spoiler alert!), I would like to reflect on what I know now that I may not have known as clearly earlier in my work, where I think we are as an Association at this point in time, and where I see my work headed in the years to come.


GOOD NEWS FOR MUSIC IN AMERICA: Gustavo Dudamel And Youth Orchestra L.A. To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime. ”

Dudamel said that ‘this is a wonderful honor and an extraordinary showcase for YOLA, as well as a tribute to youth orchestras worldwide. When we play, it will be for the youth of the world so they can be inspired to create both a better life for themselves and a better future.‘”

Coldplay will be headlining the show, which will also feature performances by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. While I doubt they will be given much air time (or be asked to play anything very artistically substantial), it’s good press. Last year’s halftime show had over 118.5 million U.S. viewers.