Choral Net: Happy New Year’s Resolutions

CHORAL NET: Happy New Year’s Resolutions.

Set one goal that you believe you can achieve and one that is a dream. So often if we set out to make the first happen the second can then find its place in our collective reality.

Here are a few unsolicited suggestions:
            *Choose a new composer to use for score study
            *Try teaching a score in a new language that you have not done in the past
            *Pay it forward in line for your daily coffee/tea habit – the joy will surprise you
            *Talk with colleagues about ways to set boundaries for balanced work hours
            *Find a new walking/hiking path to explore once a month with a friend/partner
            *Set time to be off electronics if even for a few hours a day
            *Try out a new hobby – a recent choral grad of mine just took up the violin!
            *Buy a new book and promise to read it in its entirety
            *Make plans to go to your divisional conference – and introduce yourself to at least two new people you meet there.

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