Tim Sharp Answers Some Reader Questions


Reflecting on my conducting experience, it would have been nice to start my conducting career with the confidence of the following three lessons I have learned:

1) Standing in front of a choir and motivating them and teaching them to accomplish the challenge of a musical score requires passion, authority, and expertise. These three characteristics are what a singer is looking for in me as their conductor. I now know that those three elements are essential in all leadership positions;

2) Accomplishing a musical score requires a conductor to take many risks, right from the beginning of the rehearsal process. The audacity to even stand on the podium and think we can accomplish anything at all is an example of such a risk, and risks get even bigger from that point. I now know, as a result of working through projects that seem unatainable, that this is the approach to a life of innovation, discovery, and growth;

3) Choral music making is the only art form in the world that can combine a community of singers, individually using only their air and body as an instrument, to convey a text in harmony. No other instrument can do that, and no other instrument is as compelling because of these factors. I now know that this is a powerful force in the world, and we are the arbiters of this divine force.

Some great answers here.


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