Some Interesting Background on The History of Choralnet by Jack Senzig

SOME INTERESTING BACKGROUND ON THE HISTORY OF CHORALNET by Jack Senzig with an interview of Jim Feiszli.

By that point (fall of 1993), there were about 100 subscribers to ACDAlist. Gene Brooks was notoriously skeptical of all things computer, refusing to even turn one on. Well, some enthusiastic person, I do not recall who (wasn’t me), got a notice posted in the Choral Journal about ACDAlist and urging everyone with email access to join. Now, naïve me, I had assumed all along that this list was officially OK with Gene and the elected Board.  Lo and behold, when I got back from sabbatical in October there was fax in my mailbox (remember faxes?) from the national ACDA president, dated two months earlier, in essence asking, “who the hell are you and who said you could use the term ACDAlist?” Now, mind you, I had just come off eight years of ACDA leadership service and had declined to run for division president because of ACDAlist. And Lynn Whitten was the current national President-Elect!
So, I copied the fax into an email and submitted to the subscribers of ACDAlist asking what they thought we should do – kill the list? (Lynn and Walter were both subscribers). Shit-storm.  First of all, the sender of the fax was angry because he thought I’d been ignoring him, and then he was furious that I would publicize this fax.  Some subscribers expressed dismay that the list wasn’t “official” and quit. I, of course, thought it had all been cleared up there somewhere. But the majority of the list subscribers (99% ACDA members, BTW), said, “No matter what, do not kill the list. Change the name if necessary.” So we changed the name to Choralist.



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