Marie Grass Amenta With Some Amazing Stories on Choral Ethics

MARIE GRASS AMENTA with some amazing stories on Choral Ethics.

Dougie* started his first college teaching job in as strange a way as I have ever heard.  He interviewed one spring with a nice, four year liberal arts college in the Midwest with a strong choral program. He was charmed by the music faculty, including Monty*, the gentleman he would be replacing due to early retirement. The college owned a wonderful, large choral library and Monty was quite proud of it.

Dougie was hired for the position and excited to get this “dream job.” He, his wife and young child moved into a quaint house in late July, getting settled so he could begin to work on repertoire from that lovely choral library the first week of August.  This was in the days before music libraries were put on spread sheets so everything was organized in a card catalogue. Dougie decided to go in the last day of July, pick up the card catalogue and start browsing.
When he opened the door to the choir room, he had a sick feeling.  He found the card catalogue, opened the box and found……..nothing. Well, nothing but a note from Monty.  Monty’s note described how he was being forced into early retirement and would be punishing Dougie for it. How? By taking that lovely music library and hiding envelopes of music ALL OVER CAMPUS!
Pretty amazing. Don’t be petty, folks. It never wins.

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