Richard Sparks–Cultivate Your Grit

RICHARD SPARKS: Cultivate Your Grit. “There’s been a lot written in the past few years about the concept of “grit” and it’s importance—much of this comes from research by Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania (and a winner of one of the McArthur “genius grants),” who studied what made a difference in cadets doing well in or just surviving the famed “Beast Barracks” training at West Point. Beforehand, a brief test was given (you can find a version of it here),”questions that asked them to rate their own ability to stick to goals, to be motivated by failure, and to persist in the face of obstacles.” Grit proved extraordinarily successful in predicting success (much more so than intelligence and many other measures) and has also done well predicting success in many other areas.” I think grit is really important and an essential component of all music education, which is one of several reasons why I think it is so important.

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