Richard Sparks–Use the 3 x 10 Technique

RICHARD SPARKS: Use the 3 x 10 Technique. Sparks quotes Dr. Douglas Fields who states that people “make stronger connections when they’re stimulated three times with a rest period of ten minutes between each stimulation. . . . ‘I apply this to learning all the time in my own life,’ Fields says. ‘For example, in mastering a difficult piece of music on the guitar, I practice, then I do something else for ten minutes, then I practice again.” Sparks gives an example. “[W]hen I conduct the St. Matthew Passion the sudden and dramatic “Barrabam” (Barrabas) chord is a challenge for the choir. After I’ve worked on it a bit, I tell the choir that whenever they hear the recitative lead-in, they have to be ready to sing it . . . and I sprinkle it throughout the rehearsals here and there. It becomes almost an automatic conditioned response.

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