A Great Student Incentive Program

HERE IS A GREAT IDEA for an elementary school-age group student incentive program:

[W]e created a house system similar to the houses found in the Harry Potter series, but instead of creating Gryffindor and Slytherin, we created Bach House, Mozart House, and Beethoven House.  All of our students are divided into these groups at the beginning of the year.  We split each class period evenly between the houses which makes separating the classes for group activities a breeze…We award points based on correct answers to questions in class (all of them at first, then maybe only 3 or 4 times throughout the class period when someone answers a difficult question), or if someone follows directions the first time when nobody else does. We also award points for taking initiative, such as when students go above and beyond what we ask of them.  We are not afraid to give more points for an awesome answer. We usually do something like 25 or 50 points per correct response. But if it’s a very detailed higher level answer, I might give 200 points. Points can also be taken away.  The students know that if they don’t act as they are supposed to, we will deduct points.

I think this is fantastic to get students to identify with historical composers as well as develop teamwork.

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