Scott Dorsey Has Thoughts On Music Education

SCOTT DORSEY HAS THOUGHTS On Music Education: “If we continue to argue that music is best for supporting learning in other subject areas, we sell ourselves short, and we will never take our rightful place in the center of the curriculum, with the other ‘core’ subjects.  If the only thing the public hears from us are words that put our subject in a subordinate position, then that’s what they’ll believe at budget time.  No one would dare try to cut math, or science; ask yourself why that is.  You’ll never hear a math teacher argue that her subject supports learning in another area.  It’s time we started talking about our discipline in terms that illustrate its true importance.” I think of it this way–every culture has had music, even before they had bridges and computers. We have always valued it above everything else save for food, water, and shelter.


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