Maria Grass Amenta: Kindness is NOT for Wimps

MARIA GRASS AMENTA: Choral Ethics (Part 3): “Kindness is NOT for Wimps.”  “A few years ago, a singer in my auditioned chamber choir shared she HATED when I used ‘mediocre’ as a criticism because I never praised them after the correction was made.  I had to think about it but had to agree with her.  I didn’t want to be unkind but I suppose I didn’t want to be perceived as ‘weak’ by being too pleased. Now I use a rule of 2:1—for every two critiques, I praise one thing or for every two things I praise, I critique one. And when I make a correction, it is done very succinctly, no extra words to confuse, just the facts. It’s amazing how this strategy has improved the rapidity of my chamber choir grasping a correction.

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