Update on LA iPad Program

ALL IS PROCEEDING AS I HAVE FORESEEN: There have been problems with the iPad program in the Los Angeles School District.  This is in response to the Los Angeles Times story here.  Unfortunately, their proposed solution of simply switching devices does not make me think that they get it: “Three of the laptops being tried in the high schools are likely to cost more than the iPads. A different style of laptop, called a Chromebook, would cost less. Teachers and students at the high schools sent delegations to try out devices and meet with vendors at district headquarters.  It wasn’t a perfect process. The curriculum, for example, was hard to assess in a process akin to speed dating, said one participant.”  As I have written herehere, and here, the power of the computer in the classroom can only fully be realized when you change the traditional teaching model.


One thought on “Update on LA iPad Program

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