Colorado Symphony Links up With Pot Industry

COLORADO SYMPHONY LINKS UP WITH POT INDUSTRY: “The state’s only full-time professional orchestra hopes the unusual shows dubbed ‘Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series’ will boost its audience as it struggles with dwindling attendance and shrinking budgets.”  Well, this certainly is a departure from the subscription model approach which needs to be fixed, but I am not sure if it will draw in new listeners permanently.  Their website doesn’t list the repertoire yet, but I am sure there will be a lot of jokes about what they will be playing — Symphonie fantastique?  Bolero?

UPDATE:  Looks like the event may not go forward as planned: “[The concerts] are now under review as they could violate state and city laws against public consumption of marijuana.  In a hand-delivered letter from city attorneys, licensing and police officials and others, the city asks CSO to stop the concerts. If it doesn’t, ‘We will exercise any and all options available to the city of Denver to halt the event and hold the business owners (and) event organizers responsible for any violations of law.'”

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