The New Post-Tenure Review

FOR COLLEGE FACULTY: THE NEW POST-TENURE REVIEW.  “To some, it seems like an attack on tenure; to others, a waste of time. And recent announcements by two colleges, Ball State and Suffolk Universities, that they’re considering adopting post-tenure review policies that could in some cases lead to dismissal have brought out those skeptics.  But at another college, administrators say they’re hoping to shore up an existing post-tenure review policy not in an attempt to weed out the bad professors, but to make the good ones better.”  There are two big problems with tenure.  We have all come across tenured professors who are incompetent or not a good fit, which can be frustrating for all.  However, there are also fantastic professors who, for whatever reason, are not granted tenure.  Can post-tenure reviews keep the ineffective professors from languishing in their jobs or move them along, or does that simply eliminate tenure as we know it?

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