Using Tablets in the Classroom

THE L.A. TIMES HAS AN UPDATE on their use of iPads in the classroom: mixed results.  I wrote about this story here and another related post I have can be found here.  A quote from the current article:

The limited enthusiasm among teachers can partly be explained by “innovation fatigue,” said Paulo Blikstein, an assistant professor of education at Stanford University who has helped schools with technology.

Teachers, he said, have new ideas thrust upon them repeatedly with insufficient support: “They say: ‘I know what’s going to happen. It will be pushed on us, and in two years there will be nothing here.'”

A majority of teachers said they were using the iPads three hours a week or less. One possible reason is that teachers overwhelmingly said they had received inadequate training.

I think that’s fundamental difficulty.  We think of tablets as things, as something you put in the classroom that facilitates learning.  We don’t really consider how it changes the learning process and throws out the linear, classroom-learning model.


3 thoughts on “Using Tablets in the Classroom

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