More about learning from John Wooden

RICHARD SPARKS continues on a subject I posted about earlier, learning from the example of former UCLA coach John Wooden.  This time it’s about rehearsal preparation:  “Everything was planned out each day. In fact, in my later years at UCLA I would spend two hours every morning with my assistants organizing that day’s practice (even though the practice itself might be less than two hours long). I kept a record of every practice session in a loose-leaf notebook for future reference.  I would spend almost as much time planning a practice as conducting it. Everything was listed on three-by-five cards down to the very last detail.”  As a planner myself, I don’t feel fully prepared for the rehearsal until I have it figured out to the minute about what we’re going to do.  Circumstances in rehearsal may call for a change, but I feel like I’m flying blind without that plan.  Read the whole thing, as Sparks has some great general points to planning a great rehearsal.

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