Tablets in the choir room

Jeff Tillinghast on Tablets in the Choir room.  I have always been skeptical of these stories of using technology in the classroom, whether it’s laptops, ipads, or various other tech fads.  I can’t see how these dreams of “giving every student in class an iPad” pays off.  iPads can be conducive to learning, but in an unstructured way – allowing kids to explore related subjects, access video and audio files, etc.  In a group learning environment, however, you need to keep everyone on the same page, so to speak, and the learning modules for tablets go in one direction, much like the books they’re meant to replace.  Tablets can help students learn, of course, but I imagine for them to be really successful, we’re going to have to be willing to rethink our expectation of what “classroom learning” is.

4 thoughts on “Tablets in the choir room

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